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Research in Tropical and Infectious Disease Research

Nagasaki University, with the Institute of Tropical Medicine as its center, is an infectious disease education and research institution staffed with extensive academic professionals whose expertise ranges from basic clinical medicine/epidemiology to human ecology and who are well versed in universal cooperation such as that in international infectious disease countermeasures.

The University established an office of the JICA-sponsored J-RIPS (Japanese Support for the Pacific Immunisation Program Strengthening Project) in September, 2006. In March of the following year 2007, it set up another collaborative research institute in the National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology, Hanoi, Viet Nam, and is continuing active research works there.

The Center for International Collaborative Research is expanding research hubs overseas in the field of tropical/infectious diseases and extending their administration to facilitate studies conducted there. In order for the University to proactively win international collaborative projects subsidized by such domestic/international agencies as UN, WHO, JICA, World Bank, etc., the outstanding research ability earned by the University in the past is no longer sufficient. It is, therefore, building up its organizational control to be stronger in planning, making contracts, managing funds, and acquiring personnel which will be relied on by those international bodies and overseas offices.

The Nagasaki University Center for International Collaborative Research is pursuing extensive global strategies by developing cooperative systems with these various associations.


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